Blue Light


I started making web sites when I was ten or eleven. I stored them on floppy disks for lack of hard disk space (not realizing then how unreliable floppy disks were). I still have most of this work created from 1996 to 1999, but now I have them on my desktop and laptop SSDs, backed up to a NAS with RAID like the rest of my documents. They won’t ever be put online again since they’re embarrassing and not very interesting to anybody but me, but I find it comforting to have these little pieces of myself to carry with me through time.

Blue Light is a collection of somewhat less embarrassing, somewhat more interesting web sites I made from about 2000 to 2006, when I had an interest in web design as a fusion of writing, design, and programming. This interest waned as life priorities and the web itself changed drastically. I still like a lot of the work I did during this period, though, and it captures a fun time when people made web sites with a lot of personality for everything instead of using big platforms provided by third-parties.

These days, I have a GitLab account for programming projects, which includes the occasional web application:

J.C. Fields